The Conhexa Group’s strength lies in its team.

We are all working towards the same goals!

Respect, teamwork, positivity and commitment are our team members’ key values. It is their responsiveness and professionalism that enables us to bring real added value to your supply chain.

Our Strength

The Conhexa team

Conhexa is built on a team of almost 150 operators and employees of all ages and a broad range of skills. Our company’s family feeling is important to us and keeps our lines of communication short. Everyone steps up to the plate to offer our clients the best possible service in the world of reefer logistics.

Our employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why we constantly invest in developing their skills.

The Conhexa Academy gives our employees the opportunity to grow. Thanks to this initiative, clients can be confident that their goods will be handled with the greatest care and attention at all times.

Improving working life for everyone

Together, we make every effort to continuously improve our teams’ well-being and workplace experience.


Managing Director

Hilde Dejonghe

Hilde is the daughter of our founder, André Dejonghe. Along with her team, this mum-of-four has built Conhexa into the success that it is today. What three words best describe Hilde? Passion, passion and passion.

Managing Director

Luc Van Holzaet

Luc is Hilde’s husband. “There’s no way that either of us could have done this on our own. We complement each other perfectly and that’s why we work so well together as co-CEOs.”

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