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Sébastien Deketer
Transport operator

At conhexa since june 2013

On a typical day in the transport department, much of our time is taken up by changes to the schedule (delays, adding or cancelling orders, driver absences, etc.). We also take care of the ‘check-in slots’ (loading and/or unloading), which takes a fair amount of time, as well as customer management (by e-mail and phone). What I like about my job is the constant striving for optimisation and the fact that schedules are not fixed: we make constant changes. I also like the fact that this job combines different activities that are quite different from each other. This is also what characterises our work: we cannot slip into a routine. I admit that it’s complicated sometimes, when people contact us out of office hours with various problems, but it’s absorbing and interesting. Conhexa is a very attractive employer because it combines different logistics and transport activities. Everyone finds their place. In addition, despite its growth, this is still a company on a human scale.


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