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Gautier Descamps
Commercial director

At conhexa since 2019

Conhexa is a dynamic family group committed at all levels to satisfying its import, export and industrial customers, who require a high degree of responsiveness to manage of their logistics flows. Conhexa is also a logistics hub that specialises in temperature-controlled food products at the crossroads of the United Kingdom, France, Northern Europe and the world, due to its strategic presence at the Port of Dunkirk. Since I am in charge of sales, I spend a substantial proportion of my time with customers and prospects, so that I can understand their needs and highlight our expertise. Listening to people, understanding them and convincing them, internally and externally, is part of my daily role. I really appreciate the quality of the relationships I have with my colleagues and the bonds that have been forged with customers within an extremely dynamic ecosystem: the Port of Dunkirk. Developing new customers by implementing new solutions really energises me. What characterises my work? Converting a prospect into a new customer can take time. I work in long cycles of negotiation that require significant resilience, and when things go well, all the teams motivate themselves to accommodate the new flows in the best possible way. So what is Conhexa’s appeal as an employer? It is a growing company, with great development prospects in the strategic sector that is logistics. The teams are very committed and there is a lot of enthusiasm for new projects. The shareholders are in the management team, which makes it possible to bring ideas to fruition quickly. All these things are real strengths.


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