Conhexa is committed to the future of our planet!

As Conhexa, we attach great importance to the environment and sustainability. Two very important themes on which we have focused more than ever in recent years. 

For example, we are committed to OBJECTIFCO2, which aims to reduce the CO2 emissions of its subsidiary Hexatrans by 8%!

But also by supporting Pure Ocean Fund. Its main mission is to mobilize civil society to support ambitious and innovative scientific projects for the protection of biodiversity and fragile marine ecosystems.

In this context, we organized an action ourselves. 

On Sunday, May 8, we went to collect waste in the dunes of Zuydcoote. Under a radiant sun, but a cold wind, we made the beach of Zuydcoote a little more beautiful … The effort was followed by a nice convivial moment.

Together let’s protect our environment, but also that of our children, grandchildren …!

December 31, 2022