Frigo A25

Frigo A25 is a 100,000 m3 cold store for local and international distribution, offering you high added-value services related to frozen products and the preparation of orders. 

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Hexatrans offers a total transportation service, from the ship to delivery at the final destination. We provide transit services, for both import and export, of customs clearance and transportation.

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Dunfresh is a port logistics platform for fresh products with a capacity of 10,000 pallets. We take care of all the logistic stages in a state-of-the-art environment to guarantee the freshness of your products right up to their final destination.

Strategic situation in the port of Dunkirk


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Conhexa Sète

Sète is a logistics harbour platform for fresh products with a capacity of 15.000 pallets and a processing capacity of 150 containers per day.

We take care of the entire logistics process in an ultra-modern environment, so that the freshness of your products is guaranteed right up to use by the end customer. The Fruit Terminal is a quay warehouse where both container ships and conventional ships can be loaded and unloaded.

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Dunfrost is a refrigerated warehouse in the western port of Dunkirk with a 22,000 pallet capacity. Together with the Dunfresh company it offers a multimodal and multi temperature platform. Bulk storage, fixed and mobile pallet racks. 


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